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Well, so much has happened in fashion since and it’s no longer a style-crime showing up to galas wearing a t-shirt under a glamorous jacket. We are actually seeing more and more PRINTED t-shirts enter the salons of finer events – and we gladly welcome it! What could be more eye-catching than a beautiful, flowing Oscar de la Renta gown-like skirt paired with a “Love is a Verb” t-shirt from Great Happens? Or, a daring short skirt, or shorts, by Alexander McQueen paired with our “Pretty in Punk” tee? Simply irresistible, if you ask us.

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...Do you see the clear, pure, light colored splint wood which the downed tree in this attached photo houses? That’s you! That is what all of us have inside of us, even when we feel our lowest. Purity, clarity, even innocence. We can bring it out as long as we remember that we harbor these traits within us. 

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