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Do you ever feel like a tree?

Maria Pollard

I have two major points with this question so read on! First, yes - we can feel like a tree! We're either up or down! Let's dig a little deeper, no pun intended...: If you feel like a tree at this very moment, I hope you feel like a tall, big, healthy tree; deeply rooted in the ground and with a massive, beautiful, crown (brain) that brings oxygen (love and value) to this world. But, if you feel like a *downed* tree, PLEASE LISTEN UP! Do you see the clear, pure, light splint-wood which the downed tree in this attached photo houses? That’s you! That is what all of us have inside of us, even when we feel our lowest. Purity, clarity, even innocence. We can bring it out as long as we remember that we harbor these traits within us. And, do you see those stunning buds, located on the very top of this tree’s crown? We have that too - our thoughts, ideas, and our will to create and feel purpose. How could we have seen these stunning buds unless this very tree hadn’t come down during a heavy storm? The answer is, we couldn’t. When we feel down and it seems as though the world is turning its back to us, when we feel as though we are in the middle of a different kind of storm, these are the times we can again begin to see and appreciate the beauty, uniqueness, and perfection that is "us". Unlike trees, we're able to get up again. Refuel, gain strength, and give life back to our purpose. “All” we have to do is remember that we carry this within us, at all times: purity, clarity, innocence, strength, thoughts, ideas, and last but never least, purpose. Here’s to you and your roots. Should they ever come out of the firm ground you planted them in, please know that you can root them back in to the ground and stand tall, again and again. Yes - Great Happens! Sometimes we just have to be reminded of it. ~ Maria Pollard

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