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The meaning of words.

Maria Pollard

Words. They can mean so many different things to different people. And, the words we use when we talk to ourselves are of utmost importance since they strike a direct chord with our inner thoughts and feelings. Let’s take this important topic and play with it for a moment. And there, I just used the word that will dominate this blog post: play! You know the saying, “work hard and play hard”? Well, I for one will have NO energy left to play hard after I’ve worked really hard. And hearing, “you have to work really, really hard and hustle!!!” turns me off completely! So, I’ve switched things around in my mind. I now use the word ‘play’ for… everything! In planning, in working, in implementing new ideas, in… you name it. I’ve noticed a big difference in how I approach the workload, (I mean playload!) that all of us have no matter what we do, and it makes me feel more energetic too.

Changing one word when it comes to getting through a deadline f.ex., and how you think about that deadline, can do wonders. When you bring the word play in to your day you’ll have, by default, more fun with what you’re working on and the people you work with. It adds creativity to your day and I know for a fact that creativity is the antidote to stress and bad moods. In your mind, playing hard, instead of working hard, can actually save your energy so that you can “play hard and play hard”. How’s that for rearranging not only that old saying that I mentioned earlier, but rearranging your thinking which in turn will rearrange your life.

Great Happens – when we choose to see *and say* it! ~ Maria Pollard

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