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Why did I start Great Happens?

Maria Pollard

As this blog title asks, why did I start Great Happens? I’ve asked myself this question as many times as I’ve received it and the answer is as follows:

To fight negativity! I believe that when "Great Happens" (which is my antidote for that infamous saying, "s@#t happens"), then the world will automatically become a better place. I had the desire to create something new, uplifting, and cool with the goal to inspire, amuse, and involve the customer while at the same time helping others. That is what Great Happens is all about. Creating cool t-shirts for everyone while helping as many people as possible by donating 10% of every sale to important causes. With that said, starting Great Happens is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Everyone and their mother is starting, or has started, a t-shirt company. Standing out and getting through the “noise” in order to get noticed is a daily challenge. Still, it’s worth it. Helping others, including you AND myself, realize that no matter how hard things may be, no matter how low we may feel, no matter how impossible the end-goal seems – we can make great happen for ourselves and for so many others. How? By sticking with our dreams. Taking one step at a time, even if that means only one step a day at times. Always hanging in there. Giving and sharing the very best of ourselves. Can we do it? Are we up for it? You know the answer, as do I. The answer is YES, absolutely, you bet ya'! Even if “yes” is only a whisper, this word can (and does) move mountains. So, in recap: I started Great Happens because I had a dream which consisted of creating cool design where I via doing good business can help others. I thank YOU for being a part of making that dream a reality! Thank you for being a part of the win-win concept of helping others in need. Lastly, what is your dream? Is it alive and kicking within you? Even if you only whisper the words “yes... absolutely... you bet ya'”, please know that you are moving in your dream’s direction. One step at a time, baby. Remember, GREAT HAPPENS! When we choose to see it. ~ Maria Pollard, Founder, Owner.

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